Dr Elena Potapova

In 2004 Potapova Elena graduated with honors education on the specialty 190600 «Engineering in medicine and biological practice», department «Instrumentation, Metrology and Certification», Orel State Technical University, Orel, Russia.


On the 20th of Mai 2008 she has obtained the PhD degree for the work «Thermoelectric temperature control method in the zone of dry friction taking into account thermoelectric inhomogeneity of materials» (in Russian).


Now her research interests include the development of biomedical non-invasive optical diagnostics methods and devices – such as diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, tissue reflectance oximetry, fluorescence spectroscopy.


Since 2005 she has been working at the Department of Instrument Engineering, Metrology and Certification, she held the positions of Assistant and Senior Lecturer. Since 2009 she was associate professor (docent) of Department «Instrumentation, metrology and certification» (part time - 25%). The main subjects taught: "Technical methods of diagnosis and treatment modalities", "Non-invasive diagnostic methods for the study of blood microcirculation system". 


Since December 2013, he has been working with the scientific group "Devices of Biomedical Photonics". Since July 2018, he has held the position of Senior Researcher at the Research and Development Center of Biomedical Photonics.


Topics of research: