Areas of Research

Metrological support of devices for laser Doppler flowmetry

In recent years on medical equipment market there appeared a large number of devices for optical non-invasive diagnostics of biological tissues, including laser devices, if the source of radiation is laser. One of the common methods of non-invasive medical spectrophotometry (NMS) today is laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF), based on measuring the Doppler frequency shifts, emerging after reflection from an ensemble of red blood cells, moving at different speeds in small vessels - arterioles, capillaries and venules. The result of measurement by LDF is microcirculation index (or perfusion), measured in conventional perfusion units (PU). LDF method is used for functional diagnosis of blood microcirculation, including diagnosis of social diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Methodological and instrumentation provision of fluorescence spectroscopy for medicine

Fluorescent spectroscopy (FS) is becoming more widely used in chemistry, biology, in various fields of medical technology and medicine in general. These methods are highly sensitive and provide a unique opportunity to study the excited states of molecules, photochemical reactions, dynamics of fast molecular processes, structures, and properties of complex chemical and biological systems. The FS provides an effective and non-invasive optical diagnostics, primarily in medical areas such as oncology, transplantation, cosmetology and surgery.


Methods and means for diagnostics the functional state of peripheral vessels

The purpose of research is data correlation study of laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) and cutaneous IR-thermometry for occlustion test in patioents with vibration disease (VD). It was noted that the dynamics of change in skin temperature of the palmar surface of fingers during occlustion and reactive hyperemia after occlusion corresponds to the index of blood microcirculation qualitatively completely: the temperature drop at the initial time after start of branchial artery occlusion and an increase above the initial level at the peak of hyperemia after occlusion.

Physical and technical aspects of low-level laser therapy

In a modern medicine, especially in Russia and in a number of other Eastern European countries, different physiotherapeutic methods of treatment and prevention of diseases are widely used. These methods cover application of various natural or artificially created physical healing factors and forces of mechanical, thermal or electromagnetic nature.