Сell physiology and pathology laboratory

The Cell Physiology and Pathology Laboratory was founded on the basis of the Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev within the framework of the “Megagrants” program of the Government of the Russian Federation for governmental support for scientific research, conducted under the supervision of leading scientists of Russian Educational Institutions of Higher Education, Scientific Iinstitutions of  Russian Academy of Sciences and State Scientific Centers of the Russian Federation. The main laboratory research direction  - exploration of  mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction with cellular models of neurodegenerative diseases.


For  the first time in the history of the Orel region, the project “Mitochondria as a Target in the Mechanism of Neurodegenerative Diseases”, within the framework of the national project “Science”, under the supervision of the leading scientist from University College London (UCL) - Professor, Ph.D. Andrey Abramov, combined  an interdisciplinary team of researchers.


Project Goals:

1. Determine how toxins or abnormal proteins, encoded by mutated genes, cause changes in mitochondrial function.

2. Develop a strategy for protecting neurons in neurodegenerative diseases based on mitochondrial function correction.

3. Develop an in vivo method for detecting pathological changes in mitochondrial metabolism in neurodegenerative diseases.


The project involves employees of the Research and Development Center of Biomedical Photonics, professors and students of the Medical Institute, the Institute of Natural Sciences and Biotechnology  and the Institute of Instrumentation, Automation and Information Technology. Besides, employees of the Institute of Cell Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushchino), as well as the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov (Moscow) take part in the work of the research team.


This project is particularly relevant at the present time, as progressive and incurable neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's chorea, lateral amyotrophic sclerosis, etc., are becoming more common in developed countries. These diseases are among the most expensive for health care systems and currently incurable.


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