Work on “megagrant” during the visit of the leading scientist

Intensive work continues as part of the implementation of the “megagrant” on the topic “Mitochondria as a target in the mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases”. Over the past week a series of experiments was conducted to determine the reactive oxygen species and the antioxidant protection in various areas of the brain. The head of the new laboratory of clinical physiology and pathology – Professor Andey Abramov, employees of the Research and Development center of Biomedical Photonics, students of the Medical Institute, Institute of Natural Sciences and Biotechnology and the Institute of Instrumental Making, Automation and Information Technology took part in the experiments. A unique setup was assembled for recording the fluorescence lifetime from the cellular structures of the brain.


During this week, Professor A. Abramov also held lectures and seminars on the topic on “megagrant” for everyone, including medical students from other Russian cities.